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Mother of two – boy and girl, Memea, is the main brain behind our website and its co-founder. Together with her now adult son and daughter we have decided to go online and start a global service in order to help as many future parents as possible to have a baby with the gender of their choice.

We have recognized the need for reliable baby gender calculations what is indeed what we provide. We use our baby gender calculation method with the highest success rate on the market since 1979. We are confident we can help you too to have your desired baby.

Planning for a baby

DesiredBaby.com was launched with the aim to become the world leader in natural baby gender selection. We have more than 35 years of personal experience doing calculations to secure the selected baby gender for couples from all around the world.

Mother of two – boy and girl, Memea, the co-founder of this website, learned about the method in early 70s from her mother. The method was kept and successfully used in her family for generations. After she learned the method and successfully used it for her own pregnancies and for her relatives she became fully confident in the method. Now it wasn’t any mystery for her why some couples only conceive girls or only boys. She understood how it works and what before was a luck or miracle now became clear science. She had proved that with her method couples can conceive a baby with the gender of their choice. She learned how male and female influence one another and how that determines a gender of their baby. With this knowledge she can now calculate for any couple the time slots as to when to conceive the baby of their wishing. These time slots have 99.99% success rate, what is much higher compared to all other natural gender selection methods we know of.

Memea didn’t really had the ambition to go online with her knowledge, it was only thanks to her children and others who supported and inspired her to share her knowledge with as many couples as possible. The website is the ideal medium to give the access to the method to anyone from any country in the world to get their personalized Girl or Boy calculation in a fast and reliable way.

We are confident that DesiredBaby.com is able to help you to choose the gender of your future baby. We wish you to have a great DesiredBaby.com experience and thank you for the interest in our service.