Advantages of Having a Baby Boy

Advantages of Having a Baby Boy

While it is a blessing in itself to have a baby whether it is a bouncing baby boy or an adorable baby girl, there are things that suggest that raising a young guy is going to be a fun motherhood. So if you’re expecting your ultrasound to be a girl and it revealed otherwise, calm yourself down and know these facts that will make you realize why having a baby boy is an amazing journey a new mother can ever have.

  1. The messy hair, don’t care method

Of course as somebody who was a girl and turned into a lady and to a woman eventually, you know that keeping a girl’s hair styled in a cute way is a responsibility that a mother should be an expert at. And because you’re having a baby boy, no pig tails, pony tails and braids for you for now, at least.

  1. No hassle shopping for a little boy’s wardrobe

This is one of the perks of moms who are raising a young man. Grabbing t-shirts, pants and the likes are easier than matching blouses, skirts, jumpsuits, skinny jeans and fancy dresses with the right style of shoes just so you make sure your baby girl looks the way she should whatever event you are preparing her for plus the chance to say goodbye to the shade of pink of course and saving your pocket from headbands, jewelries, hair ties and other accessories that must be included in the list of your young lady’s wardrobe.

  1. Trucks and blocks are enough for boys as toys

So when that bouncing baby boy turns right enough to play, simply give him couple of toy cars, blocks and a ball. These toys do wonders that make little boys behave. With these simple toys, tantrums are easier to manage.

  1. A chance to see your husband’s childhood

Sure, your husband told you already some fancy stories about his childhood. How silly he was with his siblings, friends and classmates is just one of the memories that still lingers. When he is out there playing with your son, you’ve got to see an extra glimpse of how silly his childhood really was back in the days.

  1. A special love they have for mommy

They said little boys tend to grow up attached to their mothers. That’s why there is something you call a mama’s boy. Boys are discreet and not showy in general but they know how to show their love for dearest mama and will protect her no matter what. Protecting and loving the woman that raised them is an innate feature and that a mother will feel more secured because no matter how old or young they are, they will protect the only woman they look up to in any way possible.

  1. It is all exciting to raise someone who’s not like you.

It will take some adjustments from the start of this fun journey but you will get the hang of it soon. Anticipating what a boy needs will be challenging at first simply because he is not like you. There are numbers of differences listed. Like the way you trained yourself to change diapers quickly because you don’t want that pee showering on your face, also when you tried your real hard how to play with airplanes, blocks and balls. That moment when you were mimicking the sound of an airplane while you put that tablespoon of food inside his mouth during feeding.  These are the things that you didn’t imagine yourself doing and that what makes your motherhood priceless and exciting.

  1. Sharing a secret world with his daddy

If you see your son and your husband playing, you will just be curious of what they are actually doing and up to. That mere look gives you a chance to question yourself out of curiosity what must be going on about boy’s world. No matter how long you look and beat yourself up thinking about the answers, you will never figure it out. Especially when your baby yells, “No daddy, I’m not telling mommy,” must be frustrating sometimes but you always know that there’s nothing wrong with it whatever their secret is. It’s always about you trusting your husband to raise your little boy into a man just like him someday. What else is the positive side of this? It is a gesture that you are not alone in parenting and that your husband is on the job just like how you are so into it too.

  1. No role modeling issue

If you’re a mom of a cute baby girl, she will grow up looking up to you. She will literally want to be like you. You have to teach her everything about being a woman from being a girl to a young lady into a full grown woman. Everything you do, she must do too which puts you in so much pressure. As for a baby boy, she will grow up looking up to you too no worries with that simply because you’re the one he calls ”mom” and his ideal woman to marry should be somebody like his mamma.

  1. Boys are tough

A trip to the playground requires so much attention as boys tend to all the way play. They will wrestle, run and tumble with other boys. Your eyes should be closely looking at him because you don’t want to miss a danger approaching. And because you are closely observing, you know that with so much energy a boy exerts at play, they are far energetic. When they fall, they will just dust themselves off and try again whatever it is that made them fall just like nothing happened. But with a girl, you have to blow her bruises and fake spanking the swing if it is the reason she got those bruises. Sometimes or most of the times, you need some ice cream too.

There you have it, the nine things that tell us how rewarding it is to parent a boy version of your husband. Don’t be so upset when you’re expecting a baby girl and it turns out to be a baby boy. There is just so much you still have to discover in the process. Relax.

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