Montessori Method

Practical Life Introduction

Dr Maria Montessori introduced the area of practical life to her education as it is the way to educate the children by real life exercises. These exercises are carried out in real life environment, children are using the real life materials and also the ones who are the exercises done for and with are real people thus these exercises prepare the children for real life.

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The Absorbent Mind and Sensitive Periods

Dr Maria Montessori dedicated her life to the research of the child, child’s behavior, child’s education, its mental and physical development and of many other aspects of child’s life in great depth. Her scientific texts might sometimes read like a philosophy which is perhaps because of the deep understanding and care she’s put in her writings about the child. A child was always the center to her scientific work.

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A Short History of Doctor Maria Montessori and Her Method

Dr Maria Montessori (full name: Maria Tecla Artemesia Montessori) was an Italian physician and pioneer in early childhood education world known as a founder of Montessori Method of education. She was born on August 31, 1870 in commune of Chiravalle in Province of Ancona in eastern Italy. She came from a middle class family.

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