Family Planning: Is it Safe?

Family Planning: Is it Safe?

What is Family Planning?

To know if the essence of family planning is safe or not, you must know first the definition of family planning. Third-world countries often have the problem of overpopulation, this problem exists because of the lack of family planning between the families of the residents of the country. Now, what in the world is family planning? According to WHO (World Health Organization), “Family planning allows people to attain their desired number of children and determine the spacing of pregnancies.” In other words, family planning sorts out your family, the family size, and everything else that is related to the family follows.

Should I Consider it? Or Should I Not?

To plan for your future, and for your family’s future is very important. It is good that you check on certain options, and decide on it, all for the sake of the betterment of your family. Here are some possible outcomes if you consider family planning in your family:

  • It lessens the cost. More members of the family, means more cost for the family. You are going to look at the well-being of every single member of the family. That includes their education, health, their wants and needs, and all other stuffs. And take note, the more you get pregnant, the more you get to spend money to see a doctor, and check your pregnancy. Moreover, you are still going to spend money every time you will experience labor, and everything else (that has a cost) comes after that.
  • Less babies, less pregnancies, less risks. Every time you perform a labor, the risk of having complications, which will result to the mother to have difficulties doing things in life. Not just that, if you are to do labor or delivery more often, complications not only to the child-bearer will occur, but also to the child.
  • Have more time for your family. Because you have planned for your family well, you can focus every single one of them with much time. You do not need to go here and there, just to make sure everyone is doing alright. You have the time to check up on them personally, because you have allotted proper years for them.

There are also some factors that speak up for the other side of the story. There are other ways of family planning. One is the natural way, which includes no contraceptives, or no cost at all. You just need to have your discipline as a couple, which some of the couples find difficult. That means, as a couple, you will need to avoid having sex more often, for it increases the risk of pregnancy. However, there is an alternative way, and that is the use of contraceptives. Ways such as using condoms (both for men and women), using pills, injecting, or even sterilization.

Now to ask, is family planning safe? Yes, it is. Only if you follow the correct procedures, observe the proper ways and do the right things. Do think of yourself first and your family’s future when you are considering these facts. Consult a professional so that you may be guided thoroughly regarding in this very important manner.

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