Baby gender calculator

Our natural baby gender selection method is based on the fact that every person goes in life through cycles of biological rhythm. This natural biorhythm rules the secretion of hormones in human body. Impact of both women’s and man’s biorhythms on their hormonal secretions has a major influence on the determination of the sex of the baby at the time of conception.

It is not woman’s egg neither man’s sperm who decides the gender of the fetus. It is your whole body, precisely the body of that one from the couple whose energy is stronger at the time of the conception. This is how male and female influence one another and how that determines the gender of their baby. With this knowledge we can calculate for any couple the time slots as to when to conceive the baby of their wishing. These time slots have 99.99% success rate, what is much higher compared to all other natural gender selection methods we know of.

Every couple is suitable for our method. To get your baby gender calculation go to Get your calculation section of our website. Fill out all the answers to our questions to your best knowledge and submit it to us. Once we have received your request we will create the personalized calculation for you by hand. We will provide you with the dates (time slots) as when you should conceive the baby of the desired gender. Unlike other methods which increase the probabilities, we, based on your data, create a personalized calculation with specific days when you need to conceive to have a baby with the gender of your choice. There are days when your chances are lower or higher, but there are also days when your chances are 99.99% and that’s what we are going to show you.