Planning For A Baby

Planning For A Baby

Most people experience mixed feelings when it is time to decide about issues like pregnancy and parenthood. Traditional ideas praise parenthood as the final responsibility of human being. It is upheld as what the culmination of an ideal life should be. Children are often regarded as the means to continue the hopes and dreams after you. But more and more young adults are getting ambiguous feelings about these concepts of pregnancy and parenthood. You need to analyze the pros and cons very clearly before you take such a life-altering decision as bringing a new life into the world.

The Dos And Don’ts Before Getting Pregnant

Couples often tend to exhibit high running emotions especially when they are going to be the first-time parents. If you are in the same situation, it is best to get a clear idea of the dos and don’ts before getting pregnant rather than feel alone and confused. Everybody knows how to get pregnant, and there is no rocket science about this. After all, millions of babies are getting born every year on this planet, and it is proof that most couples have no problem in having babies. However, the unfortunate reality is that at least one in six couples is facing difficulty to achieve conception. Well, there is some good news for couples as there are some definite dos and don’t about getting pregnant that will also help you to have a smooth pregnancy and a health baby.

The “Do” list

  • See your doctor right away if the traditional baby making methods are not working for you. Couples just keep hoping and delaying and wait for too long before asking an infertility specialist for help. So, if you are nearing 35 and have been trying for more than a year without successful results; then it is time to see a specialist right away. The sooner you see a physician, the faster you can get the solutions and increase the chances of conceiving.
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins when trying to conceive and keep your body in optimal health to conceive. Discuss any medications that you might be taking with your doctor and check out if you are not lowering your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Share your feelings with a close friend or a family member regarding how you feel about getting pregnant. You might feel a little embarrassed about it, but the conversations and support will certainly make you feel lighter.
  • Keep having sex at the right time of the month when the fertile period is high. Know those days when the “fertile window” is open and when you are about to ovulate. Having intercourse during this time can dramatically raise your odds of getting pregnant. You will learn about the fertile days in the coming chapters.
  • Focus on your sexual positions and go for one that you think you are comfortable with and can help you to get pregnant.
  • Go for a complete physical examination to rule out any health problem that might be related to heart, thyroid, lungs, abdomen and breasts.
  • Make sure that your body has a satisfactory level of vitamin D as it plays an important role in healthy tooth development and bone density. Recent studies have shown that a deficiency of vitamin D can affect fertility and conception adversely.
  • Ask your man to keep those sperms cool and not to indulge in any warm showers or place hot laptops on the lap for long times. He should avoid bike riding and stop wearing any snug underwear as those habits can decrease the sperm count as well as influence their motility.
  • Empower yourself and each other, as pregnancy is not just the woman’s issue, it is the couples’ issue. Support each other every day and remain positive.

The “Don’t” list

  • Don’t smoke and avoid alcohol especially when trying to conceive. Go for lifestyle habits that can raise your chance of conception and not lower that. Multiple studies have confirmed that couples who smoke lower their chances of getting pregnant and can further create risks for the baby.
  • Do not take caffeine and lower down your intake as this can decrease your chances of conceiving. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.
  • Do not expose yourself to the environment of CT scan, X-ray and metal detector machines that you may come across in office campus, shopping malls and airports. Any exposure to these could be dangerous and affect your ability to become pregnant adversely.
  • Don’t use any illegal drugs such as Marijuana, heroin, speed, cocaine and LSD as these can be very unsafe for you and your baby.
  • Stop blaming yourself if you are having difficulty in conceiving as you are not the only one with pregnancy issues. Do not waste your energy in beating yourself up over things that are beyond your control. There is very little that you can do to get pregnant faster if there are health issues. Instead, focus on getting the right treatment. Do not harbour anger or stress. Research shows the stress levels among infertile women are very high and sometimes even higher than women dealing with cancer, heart disease, AIDS, etc.
  • Do not think that IVF and other expensive procedures are the only options left for getting pregnant. You will be surprised to discover far less expensive ways to accomplish a healthy pregnancy, and it could be as simple as taking some pills. Don’t lose hope as infertility is a temporary crisis. Most of the couples dealing with infertility end up having a healthy baby.

Reasons to Know the Gender of Your Baby

As soon as a woman shares with the world that she is pregnant, she’ll get variations of the same question: “is it a boy or a girl?” Or, if it’s early in the pregnancy, “are you going to find out the gender?”

People are always curious to know the sex of the baby. Before the age of technology, the gender of a baby has always left a mystery. Nowadays, the secrecy of the womb is being revealed due to the availability of technology, such as ultrasounds. While large populations of pregnant parents want to be surprised when their baby is born, they are quickly becoming the majority. About 9 out of 10 parents are moved in predicting their baby’s gender.

There are a variety of reasons for this modern luxury of discovering the baby’s gender. Fortunately, the gender selection techniques for predicting baby gender are safe, inexpensive and natural! They are best applied in the planning stages before pregnancy so the gender of choice can be better conceived.

Below are some of the many reasons why people want to discover the gender of their baby:

  1. For those people who love to plan, it is an absolute must to discover the gender of the baby. These people need to buy all the baby’s clothes and paraphernalia specific to its sex. Names are easier to pick and paint colors are easier to decide.
  2. They already have one child and would like to know whether they need to save all their gender-specific baby stuff or get rid of it.
  3. They already have one or two children of one gender and are willing to have another child to gamble for the opposite gender. People that have two children of the same sex are way more likely to try for a third. People, who have one of each gender, are more likely to stop after two.
  4. They prefer a particular gender due to cultural or religious reasons.
  5. They simply just want to know.

There are many ways to go about predicting your baby’s gender. Some methods are more scientific for determining the gender of baby during pregnancy, while others are just myths or old wives tales.

Medical Tests

Genetic testing

Ultrasound scans

Less Conventional Tests

Needle or Wedding Ring Test

Drano Test

The Intelligender Gender Test

Chinese Gender Calendar

Woman’s Intuition

Old Wives Tales

Gender Myths and Gender Quiz

Semi-Scientific Tests

Baby’s Heart Rate Test

Shettles Method

Fertility Awareness Method

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