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By browsing our website DesiedBaby.com and using our services you fully agree to our Terms and conditions. You confirm to fully agree to our Terms and conditions when you are placing the order with us by clicking on the Checkout button.

By ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘we’ is meant DesiredBaby.com, by ‘you’ and ‘your’ is meant the client.

Our natural baby gender selection method has proven accurate in the past to determine the time slots as when to conceive a baby of wished gender to many couples from different countries. These time slots are to help you to conceive a child with wished gender. They do not determine or affect child’s health or any other aspect of child’s life whatsoever. Child’s health is determined by parents’ DNA and other factors we have no control over.

There are many factors out of our control when our clients use our service. We work with data provided by our clients which might not be correct or truthful what affects the calculations. Because there is no way to prove that all the inputs provided are correct, we give no guarantee on the results when our calculations are used.

If the client can prove that our calculation was not correct, we will refund the client in full. Our money back guarantee is where our liability ends as there is no damage of monetary nature.

We are not aware of the domestic laws relating to sexual relations or gender control which may be applicable in your country. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not in breach of the domestic law by conceiving or attempting to conceive a baby.

Our calculations are not a medical advice or a replacement of a medical check up and they are not done by a doctor.

There are certain cases when we are not able to provide a baby gender calculation for a couple. In this case we provide full refund of the payment.

In case you conceive twins or more babies, our calculation can not guarantee all of your babies will have the same gender.

Parts of our website are available in foreign languages. We take no responsibility for the quality of the translations available on our website. The only language you are using when placing your order with us in English. By using our website you are confirming you understand English.

Frequently asked questions and answers section of our website is part of our Terms and conditions.