Natural gender selection

We could not believe it at first, but your baby boy gender calculation worked for us. Thanks for your great help with conceiving our baby boy.

As you know, we already had two wonderful daughters when we approached you. We wanted to make sure our third baby is a boy as we didn’t plan to have more than three children and wanted to have a son at last. The calculation you sent us looked too simple to be true, but we followed it and conceived a baby in the time slot you told us will give us a baby boy. An ultrasound scan proved I was expecting a baby boy what was a fantastic news for all of us.

Now our son Jason is born and he is the darling of all family.

Abigail and Mark, Palm Coast, Florida, United States
Thank you for helping us to conceive a healthy baby boy we wished for. Your natural baby gender calculation was truly affordable, not like medical baby sex selection we have researched online before we googled your website.

All family including parents in law is very happy and proud as they all wished us to have a baby boy as our first child.

If we decide to make sure our next baby is a girl we will definitely order your service again.

Maria and Giovanni, Pescara, Italy

Your calculation worked!

After two boys I am now expecting a girl.

Me and my husband are so happy.

Thank you.

Leigh and Chris, Manchester, United Kingdom

We would like to say big thank you for our baby gender calculation you made for us some year ago.

Me and my husband were planing to have our first baby, but really wanted to have a baby girl as our firs child. We wondered if it is possible to have the baby gender calculated before conception in order to have the baby girl. After we found you on the Internet and have read the information on your website we have decided to go for it and ordered a baby girl calculation from you. We followed precisely what you told us and successfully conceived. Still there was some doubt, but after four Months of my pregnancy my gynecologist confirmed that I am expecting a baby girl. Just as you calculated for us!

A Month ago our baby girl was born! We are now a happy parents of desired little baby girl.

Thank you so much! If we decide to have another baby, we will definitely use your services again.

Beate and Ulrich, Bremen, Germany

We were very lucky to find out about your baby gender calculations from our friends from England.

As a young couple we were planing to have a baby straight after out marriage. We were looking for the way to secure we have a baby boy as our first child. Clinical methods were not affordable for us so we were pleased to hear about your website as your natural method works and cost just fraction of the costs of clinical procedure.

Thank you very much for your calculation as we are now a proud parents of a baby boy.

Nidhi and Gautam, Mumbai, India

Your method works.

We have a baby boy and planing to have more sons by using your calculations in the future.

Thank your for your great help.

Noura and Abdullah, Riffa, Bahrain

Dear DesiredBaby team,

Thank you so much for what you have done for us.

At the beginning we are a little skeptical when we heard it is possible to have the gender of our future children calculated. But we gave it a try as we were planing to start a family anyway. We have conceived during the time slot you calculated for us and six months later were told by our gynaecologist that we are expecting a girl. That was what your calculation told us already before. So you were right!

Our little girl is born now and we are the happiest parents.

Sara and Steven, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

We are your happy clients from India.

You made a calculation for conception of a boy for us. Everything went fine and we have a son.

We are so happy and would like to thank you.

Mamvati and Yuvraj, New Delhi, India

We can’t thank you enough for your calculation. It really worked. We have just been told that we are going to have a son as we wanted.

Thank you for your help and we will contact you again in the future.

Ivy and Yuri, Singapore

Dear DesiredBaby.com team,

We are writing to you to say thank you for your help in conceiving a baby boy.

At the beginning we were not sure about your method, but now we can confirm that it works.

We are very happy now and we wish you all the best. Thank you.

Lisa and John, Toronto, Ontario, Canada